GRANKIA manufactures long life sealed lead acid battery in CHINA.

FG80-12 smf 12 volt 80ah agm battery

 GRANKIA FG80-12 smf vrla 12 volt 80ah agm battery for garage door opener is constructed with Absorbed Glass Mat technology allowing for a low-maintenance and spill proof battery.

Flame Retardant ABS case and cover to UL 94 V-O for superior performance. Proven VRLA Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology that guarantees safe operation without maintenance and “non-restricted article” status for transportation.

Valve regulated sealed lead acid 12v 80ah agm battery charges up to two times faster than conventional alternatives. No need for checking Electrolyte level and topping throughout its life. Sealed construction Ensures no leakage of Electrolyte from Terminal or casing.

12V 80AH AGM Battery Features

1.) AGM technology

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. In these batteries the electrolyte is absorbed into a glass-fibre mat between the plates by capillary action.

2.) Low self-discharge

Storing batteries at lower temperatures thus reduces the rate of self-discharge and preserves the initial energy stored in the battery.

3.) Low internal resistance

Accepts very high charge and discharge rates.

4.) Puncture Resistant Case

Each of the 6 cells within this SLA battery is wrapped in a puncture resistant polyethylene envelope, so even if the outercase is pierced no leakage will occur.

5.) Maintenance-Free Design

Minimises technician time spent at site and on battery related callouts.

6.) Anti Buckle Separators

Internal plate buckling can kill a battery outright or simply reduce its lifespan. Our AGM separators gives the plates extra support to eliminate buckling.


12V 80AH AGM Battery Data


Nominal Voltage12V(6 cells per unit)
Design Floating Life @25℃10 Years
Nominal Capacity @25℃(10 hour rate@8.00A,10.80V)80Ah
Capacity @25℃20 hour rate (4.28A,10.5V)85.6Ah
 5 hour rate (14.1A,10.5V)70.5Ah
1 hour rate (51.0A,9.6V)51.0Ah
Internal ResistanceFull Charged Battery@25℃≤7.0mΩ
Ambient TemperatureDischarge-20℃~50℃
Max. Discharge Current@25℃800A(5s)

Capacity affected by Temperature

(10 hr Capacity )

Self-Discharge@25℃ per Month3%
Charge (Constant Voltage) @25℃Standby Use

Initial Charging Current Less than 20A

Voltage 13.6-13.8V

Cycle Use

Initial Charging Current Less than 20A

Voltage 14.4-14.9V


Length (mm)                      331±1

Width (mm)                        174±1

Height (mm)                       214±1

Total Height (mm)            219±1

Weight (kg)                        24.8±3%

Lead Acid Battery Structure


The replacement valve regulated maintenance free 12v 80ah agm battery has the following characteristics:

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology
  • Maintenance-Free Design with Spill Proof Construction
  • U.L. Recognized and CE Certified
  • Brand New, Factory Fresh
  • 1 Year Warranty

Battery Applications


    • UPS Systems
    • Office Automation Equipment
    • Fire Alarm & Security Systems
    • Electronic PABX Systems
    • Cable Television Equipment
    • Telecommunication Systems
    • Electronic Attendance & Cash Registers
    • Process Instrumentation & Control
    • Railway Signalling
    • Power Plants & Substations
    • Cellular Phones & Pagers (Base Stations & Transmitters)
    • Geophysical Equipment
    • PCO Monitors (Electronic)


    • Search Lights
    • Portable Communication Sets
    • Portable Testing & Measuring Instruments
    • Medical Electronics
    • Marine & Offshore Equipment
    • Vending machines & Weighing Scales
    • Solar Lanterns

    Note: Applications* may vary based on the Capacity of the SMF Battery Used

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